092305 -
Info to come..hold up.

091605 -
Site finally updated since like a month ago that we played. No great graphics to look at or game breakdown to look at this week cuz of lack of time.

072505 -
The running game was the reason for all the wins. Shaun Alexander h4kd his way to the top of the leaderboards for the week. 2 more weeks of Madden 05 till teh 06 kthnx.

071605 -
Couple of close game, great games for the QB's. They went a total of 178 passing attempts and only 2 interceptions - a 1% interception to pass rate. Joe throws controller and breaks the L1 and L2 button, but with Tim's experience of peicing back broken controllers which he breaks he's able to fix it.

070805 -
Bunch of kick returns for touchdowns which results in the theory that special teams plus alchohol is a good mixture, obviously not. 2nd Game had a goaline stand to win the game as well as an overtime win in game 3..pretty close for the drunx.

070405 -
Wild weekend for Madden. All stats updated as of 070405. Tim runs back a kick return with Chris Chambers for 99 yards and celebrates early at the 1 yardline and jukes instead of highsteps and goes out of bounds at the 1 with the closest defender 10 yards behind him...He gets the "Leon Lett Award of Genioussity".

062805 -
Jons Page finished, Stats completely done for this week. Oh and Joe did the impossible, Block a Field Goal. It wasn't an actual block with the hands of a ball being kicked, but he tackled the vulnarable backup quarterback who was holding the ball for the fieldgoal kicker...so sad.
Week Stats - Open Me!

062505 -
Stats updated - Jon finally played so I will be adding his page on the next update. Madden 06 in less that 2 months kthnx.

061105 -
Career Stats updated - Added new players such as Drew Brees, Kerry Collins, Justin Fargas, Amani Toomer, etc... Along with Joe getting his ass wupped with a record of 1 - 2 last week including a 59 Saints - 32 Giants Loss to SHaun..kthnx to that.

060505 -
Career Stats Updated as of this date. Currently working on player stats and standings. Also we have a new player as well, Sean, although he is too young to drink we still beat him while drunk.

052605 -
Site Complete - Will be adding stats as games are played and alchy is drunk.

052505 -
Joes Page Done - Go under Plyers/Joe for details.

052405 -
Tournaments and stats subpage Complete - Players page up next

052305 -
Stats Page being worked on, Tournaments and Career stats subpage.